October 27, 2012

Rayyan On Toilet Train.

OMG!! This post has been in the draft post since August. Sincerely i already start my thesis and not able to update my post since then. But i manage to sneak couple of minutes to update this on my holiday in my hometown. For instance, i already started his toilet training since last few months. I think almost 3 months. But my persistent was just not there, yet until last few weeks when Rayyan asked me to take him to toilet to pee. Wow, that encourage me to continue the training. Kids actually listen to your words if you keep telling him the same thing again and again. I always tell Rayyan to tell me when he want to pee. At first, he told me when he just pee but now, he is able to tell me earlier. Of course some times he's just cant hold it and pee on his under garment. So, to complete the training, i asked his teacher to help in school. Yes, his teacher is fine with it and manage to help. So, now i have to be patient for another 1 1/2 week to complete the training. As my sister and mother said, normally it takes 2 week of training to make sure he will used to it.Pray hard for my persistent effort! ;)
This colourful tool make him like to go to toilet

His new tool for toilet train

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