September 13, 2012

My New Stiletto from Z.A.L.O.R.A !

I cant tell when was my most recent time shopped for a stiletto. It has been quite a longggg longggg time ago. As far as i remember, i am used to wear flatties since i pregnant to Rayyan. So, i cant took my eyes off from this pair of stiletto when i peek on Normally i dont really like peek toe   shoes but this one is different. In addition, ZALORA offered 50% off and i really need this so that i can wear it on my brother's convocation next month. Then, today ( after 3 days of purchase date) the shoes arrived at my office. I just noticed that ZALORA is giving a preload Starbuck Card (valued RM10) to buyer who purchased item/s above RM150 and it was in my box! Yehaa... its not RM 10 preload inside but i received a complimentary Grande Handcraft beverage after activate my card. Wow i am really happy today. Thanks!!! 

Yeayyy... my stiletto arrived!

NW really fit me. Yehuuu

I have one. Have yours?

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