September 10, 2012

Home Cook Dinner for Birthday Boy

I have a new baking oven recently bought by dear hubs. He requested me to bake his birthday cake this time  but i dont have the equipment for cake baking yet. Yeah i know that is not a good excuse but yesterday we had had a plan to attend Busyraa birthday photoshoot at Sri Rampai and i knew that i didnt manage to bake it. But not to let the birthday boy down, i made a special menu for dinner last night, Penne cheese with roasted chicken and baked potatoes n veggies. Luckily the birthday boy like it and Rayyan loves it much! Both of them ate alot ;) Enjoy the pics of Rayyan eating dinner ( no pics for abah since he refuse to be captured with no shirt while having dinner ) LOL!

Peace! Its yummy mama.

Cant talk, this penne is damn delicious. ;)

I want more!....

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Rose said...

Kak Aida! Nampak sedap. Macam Kenny Roger's pulak :D