August 15, 2012

Homemade Cookies for Aidilfitri

i had never think about making my own cookies for raya since i get married for the past 3 years.Maybe because of tight schedule between work, class and family. But this year is totally different. I had been keeping a fantastic cookies recipe for years and this year i will make it real. The recipe was given by my colleague when i was working in Bukit Bintang. She claimed that this is the original Famous Amos cookies recipe and its absolutely delicious. So, after off from work last Monday, i went to 'Bake with Yen' located nearby my office in Bandar Puteri, Puchong. This shop offers very affordable price and wide range of cooking and baking items. So, i managed to get all the ingredients that i need to bake the cookies here. A day after, i started to roast the hazelnuts and almonds to make sure they are still crunchy in my cookies. Then, the baking process started from mixing the ingredients and so forth. This is the dough before i rolled it into balls.

I use caserole bowl to mix the ingredients since i dont have the baking bowl.

The dough after rolled it into small balls.

My cookies! Rich in nuts and choc chips.

My cookies and i name it Choconutty Chips. 

Haha. My hubs said that this cookies are crunchy, nutty, chocolatey and tasty. He asked me to make business by selling it. might think about it. ;)

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