August 24, 2012

An Invitation From Photobook Malaysia

Cooking and baking has became a new hobby to me lately. I have more time to spend at home since my semester break started and after i  changed my workplace nearby my house ( approx 4.8km away from home). So my new addiction begin everyday after work off. My head will think about the menu to be cooked along the way back home. Apparently, most of the menus i refer from my mom, my sister or i will find it in I also like to try new recipes that i found from other bloggers. (Thanks a lot ya gurls ;) )  The latest recipe that i have posted was Homemade Cookies for Aidilfitri and i just did it for fun. I think because of this post, the Marketing Manager from Photobook Malaysia invited me to submit recipes for Aidilfitri feast. So, if my recipe were selected to publish in the Cooking Book, i will receive a copy of the book as a token. So all the cooks and bakers out there, why not submit your recipes so that we can share the joy of baking and cooking together! Here is the link if you wish to submit or just email it to Alex Yeoh Happy Cooking / Baking everyone!


Alex said...

Hello Aida!

My colleague visited your blog and informed me that you've posted this. Thank's for spreading the news with everyone. I appreciate it much. :)



Aida Rasol said...

Hi Alex, just my small effort and hope can make a big contribution to you and the whole team.