October 27, 2012

Rayyan On Toilet Train.

OMG!! This post has been in the draft post since August. Sincerely i already start my thesis and not able to update my post since then. But i manage to sneak couple of minutes to update this on my holiday in my hometown. For instance, i already started his toilet training since last few months. I think almost 3 months. But my persistent was just not there, yet until last few weeks when Rayyan asked me to take him to toilet to pee. Wow, that encourage me to continue the training. Kids actually listen to your words if you keep telling him the same thing again and again. I always tell Rayyan to tell me when he want to pee. At first, he told me when he just pee but now, he is able to tell me earlier. Of course some times he's just cant hold it and pee on his under garment. So, to complete the training, i asked his teacher to help in school. Yes, his teacher is fine with it and manage to help. So, now i have to be patient for another 1 1/2 week to complete the training. As my sister and mother said, normally it takes 2 week of training to make sure he will used to it.Pray hard for my persistent effort! ;)
This colourful tool make him like to go to toilet

His new tool for toilet train

September 13, 2012

My New Stiletto from Z.A.L.O.R.A !

I cant tell when was my most recent time shopped for a stiletto. It has been quite a longggg longggg time ago. As far as i remember, i am used to wear flatties since i pregnant to Rayyan. So, i cant took my eyes off from this pair of stiletto when i peek on Normally i dont really like peek toe   shoes but this one is different. In addition, ZALORA offered 50% off and i really need this so that i can wear it on my brother's convocation next month. Then, today ( after 3 days of purchase date) the shoes arrived at my office. I just noticed that ZALORA is giving a preload Starbuck Card (valued RM10) to buyer who purchased item/s above RM150 and it was in my box! Yehaa... its not RM 10 preload inside but i received a complimentary Grande Handcraft beverage after activate my card. Wow i am really happy today. Thanks!!! 

Yeayyy... my stiletto arrived!

NW really fit me. Yehuuu

I have one. Have yours?

September 10, 2012

Rayyan's cuz Birthday Photoshoot.

On my dear hubs' birthday, my sister had organized a photoshoot for her lil girl, busyraa. Accidentally, this is the 2nd photoshoot for Rayyan in Serindit Studio. These are the photos taken on that day.

Home Cook Dinner for Birthday Boy

I have a new baking oven recently bought by dear hubs. He requested me to bake his birthday cake this time  but i dont have the equipment for cake baking yet. Yeah i know that is not a good excuse but yesterday we had had a plan to attend Busyraa birthday photoshoot at Sri Rampai and i knew that i didnt manage to bake it. But not to let the birthday boy down, i made a special menu for dinner last night, Penne cheese with roasted chicken and baked potatoes n veggies. Luckily the birthday boy like it and Rayyan loves it much! Both of them ate alot ;) Enjoy the pics of Rayyan eating dinner ( no pics for abah since he refuse to be captured with no shirt while having dinner ) LOL!

Peace! Its yummy mama.

Cant talk, this penne is damn delicious. ;)

I want more!....

September 9, 2012

Happy Birthday Dear Hubs!

MAY US BE HAPPY TOGETHER FOREVER. < Kisses & Hugs > @ aidarasol

August 24, 2012

An Invitation From Photobook Malaysia

Cooking and baking has became a new hobby to me lately. I have more time to spend at home since my semester break started and after i  changed my workplace nearby my house ( approx 4.8km away from home). So my new addiction begin everyday after work off. My head will think about the menu to be cooked along the way back home. Apparently, most of the menus i refer from my mom, my sister or i will find it in I also like to try new recipes that i found from other bloggers. (Thanks a lot ya gurls ;) )  The latest recipe that i have posted was Homemade Cookies for Aidilfitri and i just did it for fun. I think because of this post, the Marketing Manager from Photobook Malaysia invited me to submit recipes for Aidilfitri feast. So, if my recipe were selected to publish in the Cooking Book, i will receive a copy of the book as a token. So all the cooks and bakers out there, why not submit your recipes so that we can share the joy of baking and cooking together! Here is the link if you wish to submit or just email it to Alex Yeoh Happy Cooking / Baking everyone!

August 23, 2012

My blog is on Commercial!

I received an email from a domestic entrepreneur from Singapore last month requested to use one of my photo for her business advertisement regarding breast milk storage. Knowing that storage problem was a big issue back then, i gave her my permission to use the picture for the sake of breastfeeding mothers out there. Offered a very reasonable price and quality, i think this could be an option for me if i have another little ones soon. Breast milk is the best milk in the world because it contains antibodies that infants and babies need to fight their bodies from viruses and bacteria which cant be found in any formula milk. i like they quote;


I believe Allah has a reason for that and i believe His creation is always the best. I am glad that after being consulted by lactation, i am one of the lucky mother that can breastfeed my baby until now. ( Rayyan is already 2y, 3 mnths old) Alhamdulillah